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FinTech: Increased API Adoption Drives Revenue

Increased API Adoption Drives Revenue

25 year-old US-based, multi-national credit reporting company.

As our client grew, it sought to expand its global footprint, and thus needed a way to enhance their developer portal and increase adoption of their APIs by developers across the globe. As a leader in the FinTech space, their adoption of their industry-leading API’s was exemplary. However, like any successful venture, they were running into some growing pains.


Their award-winning developer portal was limiting their global growth. This was because they were:

  1. Maintaining multiple developer portals simultaneously, putting a strain on resources

  2. Delivering an uneven, unpersonalized experience for their users and developers globally

  3. Struggling to show their business units they had access to global tools and data sets

  4. Limiting the visibility of API’s across regions thus limiting innovation and revenue growth

These issues were driving up costs, limiting their global expansion, stifling the user experience, and ultimately, stunting revenue growth.


In order to accommodate the global scale, they approached Achieve Internet, an Apigee Edge and Drupal-certified partner for a custom, multi-tenant solution.

Achieve Internet’s solution provides a single, developer portal for accessing multiple instances of the Apigee Edge platform. The unified platform also detects what country a user is accessing the developer portal from, providing a localized user environment for each of their target regions. Developers can have access to content, API’s and products across global regions with a user interface personalized for their region, in their native language.


Within months of the implementation of their multi-tenant solution complete, our client saw a significant increase in innovation across their Business Units. The developer portal enables them to see their own API products more easily as well as those from across the enterprise. This resulted in new product development that is driving top line revenue growth. It also has provided them with the framework to continue their global expansion while keeping costs low, increasing overall margins.

The overall platform enables them to continue its innovation and growth by easily supporting the addition of regions, languages, and Apigee backends all within a single, unified developer portal.

Solution Set

Achieve Internet used the following solutions enabling the client to maintain and continuously optimize their multi-tenant solution:

  1. Content Management: The widely used open source platform Drupal was deployed for its enterprise-grade functionality, flexibility, and reliability. The following features were also used:

  2. Multi-tenant Apigee Integration: A custom module was created to allow connections to an unlimited number of Apigee Edge backends. Individual Apigee connections are associated with site regions, so that users could use one single account to manage access keys and product subscriptions across any regions in which they operate.

  3. Groups: The contributed Groups module was used to make sets of documentation pages around a common topic, and to optionally restrict their access to a whitelist of users and teams.

  4. Paragraphs: Content on the Global Developer Portal makes use of reusable sections of “paragraph” content. Site Managers can choose from a library of content sections to build new pages quickly, while following corporate branding standards.

  5. Custom Theming and Navigation: This company’s multiregional scope allows users to enjoy a streamlined experience covering only their own country’s content, while preserving the ability to see all products across all regions. Content from the Product Catalog to individual FAQs are able to be published globally or selectively by region, and content shown to individual users respects their country preference and all applicable access restrictions for private offerings.

  6. Content Migration: The new Global Developer Portal incorporated content from three previous standalone portals which operated in independent regions. New CMS structures were put in place to allow administrators to publish content to one or more regions, or globally. A single, lean codebase allows for reduced operating costs and less duplication of effort in maintaining separate regional websites.

  7. SSO: The developer portal integrates with both an internal, staff SSO Identity Provider (IdP), and a separate external client SSO IdP. Staff users are able to automatically be granted appropriate role-based access via exposed attributes from the corporate SSO, while new customers can register in the portal, creating an account in the external SSO and integrating with corporate identity and CRM flows.

The Client’s Take

“We are not slowing down. Our executive team is very happy with our progress. They know this is working well for us. Business Units are now indepently adding API’s, expanding our operational capabilities and revenue. Moving forward, our main goal is to increase our API catalogue and influence more business units to use the platform because, in the end, that is going to drive growth for for our company.”

- Global Senior Director of Platform Evangelism for Enterprise Architecture


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