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InsureTech Case Study

This U.S. based insurance giant provides insurance products to over 16 million households. They were searching for a way to gain new revenue channels and wanted to improve the experience of developers from other companies who needed to consume their APIs to help deliver digital capabilities to their customers.


The challenge was to create a better user experience for their customers while creating a scalable and more profitable solution for the organization.

Prior to working with Apigee along with Achieve Internet, this insurance carrier had a number of challenges that they needed to overcome in order to expand their revenue channels and improve their developer experience. These challenges included:

  1. A lack of visibility and adoption of APIs internally and externally.

  2. A resource heavy service model for their Roadside Assistance program with an absence of activities that drive efficiency, cost savings and new revenue opportunities.

  3. A shortage of technical talent to successfully create and support a Drupal developer portal.

  4. A limited understanding of how Apigee Edge can be optimized.


To overcome their myriad of challenges, they selected Achieve Internet, an Apigee certified partner, to create and implement their developer portal. Utilizing Achieve Internet’s DP Boost platform, they created a gateway to their API’s. This portal gives developers ease of access to APIs so they can innovate on products and services within the enterprise. The developer portal was easy to use, speeding up the implementation of their roadside assistance API’s.


Following its partnership with Achieve Internet, the customer was they realized five outcomes that optimizes workflows, lowers their costs, saves them time, and secures the future of their development ecosystem:

  1. With the right technical support in place, the company, along with its external partners and internal developers, began to see the developer experience streamlined and improved. This resulted in a 181% increase in digital engagement across the business.

  2. With Achieve Internet’s Apigee and Drupal experts, they can stay focused on their core business of improving their customer’s roadside service experience by getting them the help they need in an expedited fashion while increasing capacity (over 2,000,000 digital rescues) and reducing costs (approximately $3,000,000 cost savings).

  3. The developer portal was significantly improved, allowing developers quick access to their API’s with clear documentation accelerating innovation.

  4. Their smooth transition to Achieve Internet for support allows them to focus on the bigger picture while experts connect the dots behind the scenes and sustain the award winning user experience (2019 Digital Edge “50” winner).

  5. The success with the Apigee platform has resulted in adoption across the enterprise. Multiple divisions are now collaborating with Achieve Internet to create the API first digital transformation the InsureTech space requires.

Tools Used

Achieve Internet uses the following tools to continuously optimize the company’s developer experience:

  1. DP Boost: an enterprise-grade developer portal with plugin architecture needed for a quick and scalable solution.

  2. DP Boosters: DP Boosters are individual plugins that add functionality to Achieve Internet’s core DP Boost solution. These solutions include the Teams Booster utilized by the company as well as available boosters such as SSO, RBAC, CI/CD and Advanced Analytics.

The Customer's Take

“They (Achieve Internet) have helped us provide a truly best-in-class developer portal experience for our developers and all the folks that are consuming our APIs...There are certain things that are vital to the success of a developer portal. The packages offered by Achieve Internet provide you—from Day 1—the ability to deliver an experience that will get you high marks in terms of engaging your developers.”

- Senior API Evangelist, National Insurance Company

Listen to our Webinar

If you would like to listen to the webinar where our InsureTech clients tells us about the impact of Apigee and Achieve, click here.


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